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How Are You Looking At Time?

- Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Have you ever said – I just don’t have time… or I’m so busy I can’t get everything done… or I wish there were 25 hours in a day?

When speaking with executives, the issue of time is a concern for most. They want to know how to maximize time and make the most of it.

Let’s pause and take a look at a few thoughts about time.

Time is a great equalizer…we all have the same amount.  It doesn’t matter if we are 95 or 5, a billionaire or on welfare, educated or illiterate.  We all have 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute.

The question isn’t do we have enough time? But, how are we using our time? Or better yet, how are we investing our time?

It may be beneficial to have a paradigm shift with how we look at our time and move from ‘using’ to ‘investing’.

Here are four words or thoughts which may help with investing our time – perspective, priority, protect, and purposeful.

Perspective – we need to have a long-term perspective on how we invest our time.  Habits that need to be developed for future successes may take months or even years.  Start by taking small incremental steps to get to where you want to be.  Beware of the ‘must have it now’ trap or the ‘immediate gratification’.  Keep the right perspective.

Priority – focus on the issues that are important to you.  We always find time for what is most important to us.  You may have heard the saying, ‘if you want to know where someone’s priorities are you look at their calendar and checkbook’.  Both are very revealing.  What is getting your attention? Is it inline with your long-term objectives?  What do you need to make a priority in order to achieve your desired results?  These priorities should drive your attention of time and dollars.

Protect – the importance of protecting your schedule and resources is vital to the achievement of your long-term objectives.  Be diligent in blocking time for the most important people or activities.  Beware of the urgent taking over from the important.

Purposeful – being disciplined will allow you to remain focused on your purpose.  It simplifies the decision making process as other people or project try to intrude on your schedule.  Being intentional with your time in all aspects of your life.  The Simple Truths movie, The Empty Pickle Jar, is a great reminder of this truth.

Take the time to evaluate your situation and move forward with the right perspective, priority, protection and purpose.

Live Passionately!



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