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How Is Your Team Doing?

- Monday, October 17, 2016

The NFL season is well on its way.  Fantasy Football has become a huge part of the football season.

Our family has a fantasy league called the Barbar Bowl.  We’ve been doing this for many years and actually have a very nice trophy the winner gets to keep for a year.

One of the keys to success in fantasy football is the depth of the team.  It takes a well-balanced team to win the coveted trophy.

Any team is only as good as its members.  This is true in Fantasy Football and in business.  In fact, people are a company’s greatest asset.

Do you believe it?  If so, is it being shown in your actions, company policies, or corporate culture?

Embrace this truth in three ways: select the right people; place them in the right position; and train them to excel.

The Right Person

It all starts with having the right person on the team.  This does sound simple, but the selection process can either create a perfect fit or cost a fortune.  Three C’s of selection: competence, character, and culture.

Does the candidate have the ability to do the job?  The person must show competence of the specific position requirements; with a track record for delivering results.

The individual must possess character traits important to you.  Example:  integrity, strong work ethic, or positive attitude.

Will he/she fit the culture you want to create in the organization?  Each company has a culture it wants to continue or create – the person must be the right match.

The Right Person in the Right Position

Jim Collins the author of, Good to Great, identified companies that delivered sustainable growth.  A key attribute of those companies was having the right people ‘on the bus’, and having them in the ‘right seat’ on the bus.

Often times as companies have grown; people have been promoted to a position of ineffectiveness.

Here’s a helpful exercise:  1) create an organizational chart by position - do not include names of current personnel; 2) identify the desired skill set and attributes; 3) understand the expectation; then 4) match current personnel to the appropriate position.  Caution: do not force a person into a position.

The outcome, at times, may be to move people to a different role; hire staff; or confirm what you already knew - a person is not suited for a position within the company.  Review with other trusted members of the team and other professionals.  Implement change.

The Right Person, in the Right Position, with the Right Training

Now that you have the right person, in the right position, it’s important to invest in their growth.  Create a training curriculum for the entire team.  It should include: technical development, management, customer care, leadership, and personal development.  Start a company library of books, CDs, or DVDs; tools available for all employees.  Encourage your team to read and grow.  Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones says, “Readers are leaders”.

Focus on selecting, placing and training your team and you’ll take your business to new heights!

Live Passionately!



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