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- Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Love Works. Seven Timeless Principles For Effective Leaders, is a book given to me by a friend Mike Higgins with Microsoft.  Mike is a leader who inspires and encourages me.

This book is written by Joel Manby, President and CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment. Jack and Peter Herschend instilled these principles into the company and is the key to their success.

Here are the seven principles with excerpts from the book:

“Patient: have self-control in difficult situations.  In the context of leading with love, embracing patience is not about ignoring poor performance.  Ever.  No experience leader would tolerate that.  When leading with love, the principle of patience means behaving with self-control in difficult situations.

Kind: show encouragement and enthusiasm.  Expressing kindness is one important way a leader can help employees overcome life’s challenges.  Kindness doesn’t mean being nice all the time; leaders must hold people accountable.

Trusting: place confidence in someone.  Trusting the people we work with is crucial to building a climate of positive morale and successful performance.

Unselfish: think of yourself less.  Being unselfish doesn’t mean thinking less of yourself – it means thinking of yourself less.  The difficult journey of life is to move from a selfish heart to a serving heart.

Truthful: define reality corporately and individually.  For leaders to thrive, they must define the truth of the organization in the marketplace.  In the same regard, a strong leader assures the truth is communicated to every individual about his or her performance and how it can be improved.

Forgiving: release the grip of the grudge.  Whether or not you were able to forgive has probably shaped you in one way or another.  Here’s the issue…is holding a grudge effective?

Dedicated: stick to your values in all circumstances.  One of the primary roles of a leader is to give hope.  This can be done in a variety of ways but is consistently achieved when clarity of vision, mission, and values is coupled with strong financial success.”

This is a practical book with powerful principles we all can learn from.  Thanks Mike for sharing this with me!

Live Passionately!



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