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Three Keys To Communication

- Saturday, September 03, 2016

Before my wife and I were married we read a book titled, Communication: Key to Your Marriage, by H. Norman Wright.  I don’t remember much about the book, except the title!  I believe communication is the key to any, if not all, relationships!

There are many aspects to this topic, but let’s look at three: speaking, listening, and understanding.


This is the most abused portion of communication.  We get enamored with the sound of our voice, the ‘brilliant’ ideas everyone must hear, or the ‘priceless’ advice we have to share. So we go on and on and on and on…Beware of this tendency!   You alienate yourself from others.

Some don’t speak at all, so their thoughts, ideas, and views go unheard. This presents an equal challenge to the process.  You will not be understood if your views are not clearly stated.

Both parties must be willing to share their views with the right motives, for the benefit of all involved.


Listening is a critical part of effective communication.  This skill can be developed when approached with intention, focus, and desire.

Be concerned what the other party says and seek to understand what they mean.  When you intently listen you will create a better atmosphere for communication to occur.

Being a good listener does not mean just sitting quietly, even though it is important to focus on the other party, keep eye contact, and not be distracted by the surroundings.  Be an active listener – attentive to the words and tone; and aware of body language and inflection.

Remember the saying, God made us with two ears and one mouth…we should listen twice as much as we speak.


This is often the forgotten phase of communication.  We may have spoken and the person listened, but until there is understanding, true communication has not occurred.

One way to measure if understanding has occurred is to have the other party repeat the instruction or the point; or restate what they said to ensure everyone’s on the same page.  Make the extra effort to clarify, it will eliminate confusion which often leads to conflict.How would you rate your communication?  Are you sharing your thoughts and ideas?  Do you understand when someone else is sharing instructions or their ‘feelings’?

Take the steps necessary to improve your skill in this area and you will be thankful you did.

Live Passionately!



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