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You Made It Through!

- Wednesday, September 21, 2016

While on a sixth grade retreat with our son, I was reminded of the stages of life we go through.  Middle school is a tough time of personal change and development on several fronts – physically, socially, and emotionally.

“Don’t take us back to that time, John!!!!” many of you are screaming as you read this article.  I know for many it was a very painful time...but there is a point, so please keep reading.

Each of our companies or careers goes through stages.  Some of you are in the infant stage of just starting out and everything is new and exciting, or the elementary stage where your learning and soaking everything in, then comes middle school, which may be the most difficult, yet exciting stage of all.

Your company has survived the start-up years and has found good footing, but now you’ve hit a growth spurt and you’re still doing things the way you’ve always done them…and it’s not working.

This new stage is creating chaos in the organization, tension on the team, drop in profitability, and a strain on cash flow.

It is possible to get through this stage and thrive! Remember, you made it through middle school!

So what can be done?

First, take a step back and identify the major areas creating the problems.  Make sure you determine the root cause of the problem and not get distracted by the symptoms.  Again, the symptoms are a nuisance but the core problem has to be addressed in order to effect change.

Second, is to prioritize the problems or issues in area of importance or business impact.  You can’t change everything at once so it is important to find the issue that when solved while have the greatest impact.

Third, you and your team create a specific, actionable plan to solve the top three problems.  Have measurable targets and timeframes to get the plan accomplished.

Fourth, monitor the progress on a regular basis.  Depending on the project this may be daily or weekly or bi-monthly, or monthly.  Whatever it is, it must be sustainable.

Fifth, determine if the change is firmly in place and is now the ‘new norm’ for the organization.

Sixth, pick the next three issues and go back to step one.

You have a great opportunity to take your business to the next level by instilling this discipline with your team.  Tackle the issues that are hindering your growth and your business will flourish!

Live Passionately!



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