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8% increase in Gross Margin

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Roofing Industry

The company has been in the trade for over 25 years in South Florida with a great brand, name recognition and well respected in the industry. After seeing savings dramatically diminish due to economic conditions, they retained BFS to:

  1. Validate the current financial information so they may fully understand where the company is today; stop the bleeding; determine the burn rate and breakeven point;
  2. Increase profitability and efficiencies of the organization;
  3. Establish accountability within the organization; and
  4. Upgrade their accounting software.

Within days BFS was able to summarize the financial picture, determine break even, quantify a monthly burn rate, calculate a variable margin, recommend a pricing strategy, create a management dashboard, provide feedback to the leadership of the financial health of the business, and strategies to increase profitability.

In the year since, the company has experienced an 8% increase in Gross Margin due to pricing strategy, cost controls, accountability and timely financial information. This margin improvement resulted in savings in excess of $575,000.


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