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CFO Services - Pricing & Profitability Analytics

Despite the best intentions of the businesses we work with, often they have lost sight of transactional economics. If the income statement reflects a good month, quarter or year, then “things have gone well”. In reality, there are likely cross-sections of products, services, customers, market segments, branches, and regions that are not yielding optimal results. Our fractional CFO services provide your company with critical business financial analysis to improve your profitability:

  • Assess pricing and profitability at the product, service, customer, market segment, branch, region and sale representative level
  • Compute contribution margins
  • Optimize price, market share and operational capacity
  • Assess competitor's price and cost analysis

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To grow you need high-level financial information without having to have a full time CFO. Contact BFS to discuss whether or not hiring a part-time CFO makes sense for your business.


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