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Why Hire a Part-Time CFO?

Hiring a part-time CFO simply makes sense for small and medium-sized companies that require financial expertise but do not have either the budget or need for a full-time CFO.

Ongoing Relationships

Initially our part-time CFO services are intense in the first 2 months of consulting typically being 30 - 100 hours as we review existing protocols, put systems in place and build financial models to simplify and perform business analysis. Our ongoing engagements average 8 to 20 hours per month managing your systems, working with bankers/financing opportunities, preparing and reviewing budgets with management, and providing the owner/stakeholders with measurable scorecard results.

Some reasons to hire a part-time CFO follow:

  • Financial Analysis. Business owners wear so many hats and are often buried in the day-to-day obligations of running their business that they never get the opportunity to think strategically. Having a financial expert on-board that understands the "Cash is King." and can do more than put the numbers together, interpret data, and then communicate to you what the financials are trending toward adds tremendous value.
  • Financial Insight. An experienced part-time CFO consultant must be able to add value right away simply by not just asking questions but offers ways to look at business growth, cash management and exit strategies in the real world.
  • Experience and Knowledge. BFS consultants have a minimum of 20 years of CFO level experience. We have been there and seen that. It is this practical insight gained from working with many companies in all industry sectors that uniquely qualify us to ask the right questions and present solution that often go beyond financial numbers. CFOs get involved in all aspects of the business,
  • Scorecard Benchmarking. Most small business owners would be hard pressed to compare the operations of their own organization to that of others. A CFO consultant can help with this.
  • Pay for What You Get. Hiring a Part-time CFOs allows you to only pay services on an "as needed" basis. if your part-time CFO isn't adding value, it is easier to get rid of them than it is to fire an employee.
  • Get More Than You Pay For. If you're paying for a part-time CFO, then you're not paying for all the time they spend thinking about your business at night, on the golf course, in the shower, etc. At BFS, we only work with a few customers at a time so we can think about your business all the time.


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